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Youth Empowerment

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"Join The Social Network For Changemakers & Put Words Into Action!

💡Révolutionnaire was born in the aftermath of last summer, when unprecedented waves of online changemaking and youth mobilization served as catalysts of change. Acknowledging the challenges of existing platforms and a fragmented experience to navigate tools and trustworthy information, we know that it can be tough to stay informed, connected, and equipped to take action.

🤔As anxious teens and 20-somethings worried about the state of our world, we wanted a space where young people could learn, connect, collaborate, take action and recharge with the community, tools, and information designed to make a difference.

🤎✨So, we created Révolutionnaire – a dedicated place for changemakers with accessible content, embedded action tools, a supportive community and no shadowbanning!

🔗We’d love to see you there! Head to the link in our bio to sign up today!"

Join a Social Network of Activists

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