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GGE believes that widespread violence against women and girls of color points to deeply rooted racial and gender discrimination that must be tackled as a peace-building and human rights priority. A Brooklyn, New York-based coalition-building and youth development organization, GGE acts as a catalyst for change to improve gender and race relations and socio-economic conditions for our most vulnerable youth and communities of color.

In order to put an end to the barriers of segregation and discrimination based on gender, race, and class oppression, GGE takes a dual approach of community organizing and service provision. GGE mobilizes 600 NYC boys and girls ages 8-19, women and men under Title IX of the Education Amendment and its ten points, to work as a collective toward systemic change in all of the support networks that shape the development and achievement of girls and women. Concurrently, we nurture the optimal development of girls, women and, ultimately, the entire community through programs and campaigns.



Gender Equity

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