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Daily Teen Central

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

The Daily Teen Central (DTC) is a student-led organization that was founded during the COVID-19 pandemic. The main goal of the organization is to connect teenagers around the world and create a space where teenagers can make new friends, form a community, and talk about civic issues and taking action. The organization first started as a vehicle for social connection and later expanded as civic discourse. The organization was started in Alberta, Canada, and now it is expanded around the world. Members are from Canada, the US, the Philippines, among other countries. The organization also has a Discord to connect all the teenagers and provide them a safe place to express themselves.

The organization also aims to inform teenagers about global issues from neutral perspectives. It offers essential information about each issue and provides resources that students can use to support these issues. Some movements the organization has focused on are BLM, the US 2020 Presidential elections, and the farmers’ protest in India. It also provides students with petitions and local organizations representing a variety of issues the organization can support.

Daily Teen Central values mental health. The founder said, “Many people have been struggling with mental health, and we want to be there for them. We want to show them that we care about them and that they are loved.” Individuals can sign up on the website to talk to executive board members to talk about their day and what’s happening in their lives. In more serious cases, students can schedule a meeting with a psychologist.

Pros on why people should join DTC: If you want to be part of the change and also get to know new people; this is the right place for you. We want to be a source where people can connect and learn more about what’s happening in the world. We are people from different backgrounds, yet we are united. Everyone can make a difference and DTC is the place where you can achieve that. - Follow DTC’s social media for more information:

- Instagram - Tiktok


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