• Jason Bohner

EQNY #ProtectTransStudents Campaign

The Transgender & Non-Binary Anti-Discrimination Requirements in Schools bill S369 (Hoylman) /A840 (Gottfried) will ensure all TGNCNB students in K-12 education settings will be safer due to the guidelines schools will have to develop.

Affirming schools not only helps TGNCNB students in their academic performance and social integration but are shown to keep youth safe by decreasing self-harm behaviors, suicide, and many other negative personal impacts. Without affirmative support from teachers and counselors, youth are placed high at-risk of suicide.

You can help us create more affirming schools for TGNCNB students by supporting the passage of S369 (Hoylman) /A840 (Gottfried) TGNCNB Anti-Discrimination Requirements in Schools bill.

Please take a moment to support by clicking below to find action items: https://www.equalityny.org/protecttransstudents/?sourceid=&emci=f316985e-3fba-eb11-a7ad-501ac57b8fa7&emdi=e0dd693d-41ba-eb11-a7ad-501ac57b8fa7&ceid=3779166

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