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Layla's Got You

Layla’s Got You is a women's empowerment campaign, designed especially for African American and Latina young women, ages 16-30. Layla helps young women learn about sex, love, relationships, and so much more! Layla aims to reduce unintended pregnancy in Syracuse by addressing the social, emotional, and environmental factors that impact sexual decision-making. The core of Layla's messaging is about “Healthy sexuality and reproductive freedom” working to ensure African American and Latina women feel ‘'seen and understood.”

Layla is authentically for and by women of color, creating culturally tailored and culturally relevant content and community engagements designed to increase a young woman's autonomy and control over her body through access to inclusive conversations. Local young adults often have little or no access to comprehensive sexual health education. Those who are lucky enough to receive sexuality education often receive a very narrow version of the education that only includes basic anatomy and physiology, for the most part, completely void of conversations about mental health, the impact of trauma on sexuality and related decision-making, and falls short on recognizing sexual and reproductive health as an integral part of overall wellness.

The Layla campaign consists of a campaign manager, a marketing specialist, Ambassadors, and interns - all of whom are representative of the Layla demographic. The Layla team works tirelessly to make it easier for important sexuality topics to be amplified across the community. This is a movement that is both on the ground and in the cloud. Layla is a form of artificial intelligence that is constantly being modified, automatically, each time a question is asked of her by a user. If someone asks a question that Layla does not know the answer to, the Layla crew will develop an answer, and prepare it for the next time a user asks a similar question. Layla is a completely judgment-free zone for young women. She can be found at, and under the name “Layla’s Got You” on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. Got questions? Great! Layla’s got you!

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