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Organization Spotlight: Sadie Nash Leadership Project

Sadie Nash (S.N.) is an organization that provides social justice education to low-income young women and gender-expansive youth of color. Specifically, S.N. Sibling hood program is a 20-week program, focused on primarily developing leadership skills for youth who come from communities that don’t support their needs. Sadie Nash is focused on young women, gender-expansive youth of color of ages 14 - 22, public school students, people that receive public assistance/ or live in low-income communities. As well as young people who don’t have the opportunity to join extracurricular activities and want support in education.

With the pandemic, S.N. has gone 100% virtual, in spite of their virtual setting S.N. continues to find ways to build a community with Nashers. The faculty does its best to educate and create a connection with the students, by starting off their program with icebreakers. The faculty also make sure to touch base with Nashers. S.N. has been incorporating mental health wellbeing by holding “Sibling Circles”, which are healing circles centered around social justice issues and how it impacts students. In an effort to provide an outlet for young people to express how the pandemic has affected them, S.N has introduced "processing spaces" for Nashers to come in and talk/vent,

Throughout the program, S.N. hopes to achieve their main goal; for Nashers to have an understanding of their power, and understand that they don’t have to be adults and work in nonprofits to be able to create change. More importantly, so that they can understand their identity works within their current environment and society. Beyond that, it is to remind participants that they can continue to be successful in a society that doesn’t always prioritize their needs. Once you complete the S.N. Siblinghood program, you can then advance to their other programs, Nash U, which is primarily focused on helping with the college process, so that Nashers can set off to their dream college/university. Other programs include Summer Institute, ELLA (Engage, Learn, Lead, Act), Leadership Scholars, and Partnership. Overall, S.N. hopes Nashers feel connected, supported, and stay involved in the community in one way or another, S.N. hopes to hear from Nashers even after programs are over. S.N. builds a community that will always support Nashers and that they’re never alone, they will always have Sadie Nash to support them in whichever way they can.

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