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Organization Spotlight: Youth Power Coalition

Youth Power Coalition (YPC) grew out of #NYCEDU, an organization that was centered around education. The organization evolved from purely education based to coalition building. The principal goal is to help youth to work along with adults to solve current world issues. ​YPC ​brings youth leaders and adult allies together to build trust, share information, and collaborate. Also, it provides young people with the skills, resources, and community support to thrive as happy, healthy, and impactful citizens. YPC creates leadership development resources like training on youth leadership and adult allyship. The organization collaborates with other organizations to host youth-led ​convenings to talk about the biggest problems that the world faces and come up with solutions on how they should be improved. The organization also plans to host workshops to better equip youth and adults to effectively facilitate conversation and raise funds to support POC communities.

Youth Power Coalition is made up of a group of founding members that come from different backgrounds, ages, races, genders, and perspectives. It is composed of different teams each of which are assigned tasks to manage the organization. If you are an artist, writer, analyst, and/or leader and would like to be a part of YPC and their amazing teams, fill out this ​Google Form​. Some other ways to get involved with YPC are to become a:

  • - Subscriber​ meaning you stay connected with YPC through newsletter and ​social media​.

  • - Financial Contributor​ meaning you support through ​donations​.

  • - Participant meaning you attend events but aren’t necessarily connected to a specific organization.

  • - Partner/Partner Delegate meaning to collaborate with YPC to host events, talk about shared goals, and think about how to help each other reach those goals.

  • - Team Member​, and work on building the infrastructure of the organization. You can do this by attending meetings as a working member or contribute your skills and attend meetings on occasion as a supporting member.

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