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Organizational Spotlight: Zero Hour

Co-executive director : Rachel Lee

Zero Hour is a youth-led organization that prioritizes climate justice and that #thisiszerohour meaning that there is no time left to waste. Zero Hour has partnered with other organizations to campaign for change and demands change from the federal government.These organizations help spread awareness and contribute to Zero Hour’s goals. “Our goal is to center the unique wisdom, experience, and leadership of these communities in our efforts to make impactful change.”

There are multiple sister chapters globally, however this piece will focus on the current projects in the NYC chapter.

Students can join its education team which works on organizing webinars, presentations, and teach-ins on climate justice. You do not need experience. You can join the education team to help organize a presentation series on anti-capitalism. Currently, “the team is working to organize a presentation series on anti-capitalism that also addresses manufactured consent, the patriarchy, the prison industrial complex, among others.” In terms of meetings, the education team meets every week to discuss their latest research and steps for the next week.

There are also three more committees: logistics, advocacy, and communications. “The latest project that the logistics team has taken on is reaching out to students in the NYC area to get involved in Zero Hour NYC and our events,” Rachel explained.

The advocacy team works on the political side of Zero Hour NYC’s work, including endorsements for the 2021 city council election. This team consists of students in college and those who have experience working within the NYC political scene.

The communications team creates content and maintains Zero Hour NYC Instagram and Twitter accounts. Their posts consist of educational threads and resources.

Learn more about current topics at Zero Hour

Zero Hour has created a podcast to discuss other current important issues or topics. This includes animal agriculture corporations destroying ecosystems, the patriarchy, racism and more. These podcasts are great for people who want to learn more about topics that do not gain as much media coverage. You can hear from youth activists and organizers.

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Get involved

If you're interested in joining Zero Hour NYC, use this form to get in touch with the team

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