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Re-Earth Initiative

Updated: Mar 24, 2022

As I interviewed a member in Re-earth, the first question I asked was their goal. I got a strong response which was... “changing and growing along with our organization. The ultimate goal for anyone working to preserve our beautiful planet remains painstakingly unaccomplished. Our very first goal was to mobilize the public to take climate action on Earth Day in 2020. Our current goal centers around education. Accessible, quality education on climate change, climate activism, and advocacy.” Re-earth strives to aid in the fight for climate justice with the values of inclusivity and accessibility in the movement. Our main avenue is through education which they “work on through webinars, workshops, social media, and toolkits. Environmental issues have become political over the years The policies passed by the national and regional governments around the globe have had a tremendous impact on climate change. The kind of politics that prioritizes economic growth and personal gain of the politicians has created and reinforced a world we live in today - a world of unsustainable over-consumption, inequalities, and oppression” . She added on saying climate change is generally not a priority for politicians.

As is the case with any major global change, systemic change is of utmost importance to address the climate crisis. Re-Earth stays mutual and does not endorse any singular political perspective, especially during the elections. Their mission and ideals are based on the understanding that climate change affects and will continue to affect everyone, regardless of their political background. “However, we understand that different legislative changes on topics within our scope of interest will need support from other organizations that push these bills. In terms of communities, Re-earth strives to strive to always bring attention and pay attention to the communities most vulnerable and affected. We also, continuously work to ensure our content is accessible and inclusive, as often these communities are left out of the conversation. We believe climate justice and education do not belong behind a paywall or as an exclusive. As an organization that began during the pandemic, social media has been our primary means of communication to the public. We have used our platforms to expand our reach and educate larger communities. While we strive to create a closer community outside social media, social media has remained a tool to talk with the public, which reflects in their workplace as well as mentioned by the re-earth member.”

People across the world are waking up to the reality of the climate crisis and the necessity of climate action. “We are happy to be a part of that change by striving to increase accessibility and inclusivity within the climate movement as well as integrate more people and youth into it.”

One of the reasons why we chose to create Re-Earth was to make sure that activism was accessible to all, especially during Covid-19. “We created an online presence in replacement for in-person education about the activist community. We will always encourage more people to be involved in the movement, we are a source of education for people who want to become involved in the community. Although we try to create different areas of focus in the form of our themed weeks, this diversity in topics will draw more people into learning about Re-Earth and then activism as a whole.”

You can get involved with Re-Earth by submitting an op-ed or an article. If you are serious about getting involved with Re-Earth consider joining the team as a volunteer. You can apply by filling a form on their website. Visit to get involved!

To get involved in the climate change movement, however, there are many youth groups and organizations to join. You can take an Earth Day Pledge every with us every year, educate yourself on the topics and take individual and systemic actions. For personalized suggestions on climate actions to take, visit the Re-Earth Initiative landing page!

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